New Platform Opening at Oceanside Transit Center

San Diegans should allow extra time to find their new boarding location

Construction began Tuesday on Platform 1, the northern platform closest to the station, at Oceanside Transit Center (OTC).

Trains will no longer be boarding here for the time being, and the platform and sidewalk on the west side of the parking garage will be closed for construction as well.

Passengers should allow extra time to find their new boarding location. Signs will be posted to direct passengers to their correct trains.

Customer service representatives were at Platform 1 to make sure passengers got where they needed to be and did not miss their trains.

This major expansion of OTC will increase the number of trains that can board passengers at the same time, and allow freight trains to move through the station while passenger trains are boarding.

For more information on this project, click here.

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) would like to remind you that federal regulations require train conductors to sound the horn when approaching an active construction site, even in a quiet zone. Train horns serve as a warning system to ensure the safety of railroad workers. More information and rules governing the use of train horns can be found on the Federal Railroad Administration's website here.

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