New OB Sign is as Good as Old


When it came to designing a new Ocean Beach welcome sign that would be just as iconic as its predecessor, it was tradition that won out.

The Ocean Beach Town Council solicited design proposals from a number of artists for a new sign with flare, but after voting on the designs, decided to stay with the old.

As San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts told a crowd Wednesday during the sign unveiling, why change a design that’s always been so popular?

“This has been a historic entrance to Ocean Beach for many years,” he said.

Roberts and several officials unveiled the new OB sign on Wednesday morning. The new sign is weather resistant and made with sustainable materials.

The old sign, and landmark in OB since 1984, had fell victim to termite infestation and weathering two years ago.

“The termites were holding it together,” Roberts said.

"Over the years, the elements have been unkind to the sign and its trademark seagull and big
red letter 'O,'" Roberts said. "So I'm pleased to help support the community's wishes and bring
back a new, sturdier version of the entryway everyone loves."

So the next time you’re in OB, see the new, improved and very familiar welcome sign.

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