New Mobile App Puts Nutritionist In Your Pocket

Consumers can now compare products to see which one is best for their health.

Consumers have more choices than ever to make while grocery shopping. It is not uncommon for a number of different brands to choose from for each product.

So, what can consumers do to make sure they are making the healthiest choices?

A new app from WellRx is hoping to do that for you. 

The pharmacy-oriented app has added a useful tool that allows you to scan the barcodes on most items on grocery store shelves to see which has the highest food index by factoring in calories as well as the ingredients used. Not only does the app help to make the healthier choices, users with special dietary needs or health conditions.

“Food labels can be confusing,” says Dan Johnson, an executive for WellRx. “The marketing behind how some of these labels are written can be misleading.”

Johnson told NBC 7 Responds his company, ScriptSave, wanted to not only help those make healthy choices but also prevent any dangerous interactions for those with severe health conditions or allergies.

“Let’s say your child has a peanut allergy,” says Johnson. “You can select that option and the app will help to make sure that the food choices that you make don’t interfere with that.”

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