San Diego

New List Ranks San Diego Low For Millennial Living

Despite nice beaches, great restaurants and plenty to do, Millennials are not looking to live in San Diego, according to a recently released list by

San Diego ranked #53 on the 2017 Best Places For Millennial Living list.

Arlington, Virginia, a place with a lot of high-paying government jobs and lower cost of living, ranked #1 on the list.

Young people in San Diego theorized Thursday the low rating comes from expensive housing. However, San Francisco, which has much higher rent rates, ranked #3 on the list.

“Cost of living is not as high as San Francisco here but our wages are not as high either," said Kelly Cunningham, an economist with National University in San Diego.

Cunningham said part of the problem is that it is so expensive to build housing in San Diego.

"We make it very challenging for somebody entering the market and the younger people trying to get started. We force people to go to Riverside or even Tijuana to live and then commute into San Diego to work," added Cunningham.

Cunningham said another factor is a lot of the millennials living in San Diego are part of the military. Now that defense spending has decreased, many of those young people have been reassigned or are not being stationed in San Diego.

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