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You read that right. Here's our homage to the fabulously fried food we'll enjoy at this year's fair!

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Also in the list of "new fried foods" this year --- Deep-Fried Kool-Aid at Chicken Charlie's.
Melissa DelaCalzada
Australian Potato Pancakes photo taken by viewer Melissa DelaCalzada
Melissa DelaCalzada
Chocolate Covered Bacon taken by viewer Melissa DelaCalzada
Melissa DelaCalzada
Hand-Cut Kettle Chips with cheese and jalapenos! Photo taken by Melissa DelaCalzada
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The 2011 San Diego County Fair is here! Here's what your stomach has to look forward to.
Corn on the cob on a stick will be available no doubt but at the Del Mar Diner in Plaza de Mexico, you can try "Cornucopia" or deep-fried corn on the cob.
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The folks at the Mexican Funnel Cake Stand are going to take those Jalapenos, fill them with Baby Ruth candy bars and deep fry them. Who's up for it?
The newest dish from Chicken Charlie's will be Fry BBQ ribs. No idea how he's going to do it, but we do know we're up for the challenge!
So you've tried chocolate covered bacon and loved it? Well, the Deep-fried chocolate covered bacon available at the Deep Fried Butter Stand will be calling your name this year!
New for 2011 - fried Girl Scouts cookies from Chicken Charlie's.
New for 2011 - fried brownies from Chicken Charlie's.
SD County Fair
This, is the Curly Potato Dog. However deserts went over well last year with 28,000 deep fried Oreos sold during the course of the 2009 SD County Fair.
SD County Fair
A funnel cake built for one?
Michelle Wayland
The all-time favorite fair food - the corn dog. You may like it as-is but the Deep Fried Butter Stand is banking that you'll like it covered in chocolate. Look for the Chocolate-Covered Corn Dog - new in 2011.
SD County Fair
New in 2010: The Fried Klondike bar.
Michelle Wayland
If you want to try food without the entire portion, head to the fair on Tuesday Taste of the Fair. Each Tuesday, you can buy a taster's portion of a featured Fair food item for $2.00 at each food booth.
SD County Fair
The fried Pop Tart
Kenneth Adelman/California Coastal Records Project via AP
The Belly Buster comes with 10 cheese slices, 8 tomato slices, half a head of lettuce, 30 pickle slices and all the condiments you could ask for including jalapenos and chili cheese sauce.
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Imagine this pickle. Now imagine it dipped in chocolate. That's just one of the new fair foods to expect THIS year.
Chicago Cubs
Deep fried butter is also a fantastically fattening fried food. Here, it's pictured at the State Fair of Texas. Yes, you get to try it at this year's fair.
Michelle Wayland
Fried S'mores are just one of the items on the menu at the San Diego County Fair. Ten thousand of them were sold during the 2009 county fair.
FILE - necn
If you could think of it, the fair fried it up! While we're not quite sure what this dish is, it's fried AND smothered with cheese. A double whammy! Fairgoers ate up 8,000 zucchini weenies in 2009.
Michelle Wayland
Dagwood would be proud of this hamburger. The 2011 fair runs from Friday, June 10, through Monday, July 4. (Mondays other than the last day are closed.)
Michelle Wayland
What's better than a slice of pizza on the fairway? How about a deep fried Twinkie? More than 13,000 were consumed in 2009.
SD County Fair
Beef kabobs along with veggie kabobs will be at the 2010 San Diego County Fair.
Photo by Greg Berg
Don't forget the sweet stuff! Candy Apples, pictured here with a little artistic flair from a fair in Texas, can be spotted on more than one kid's face at our fair as well.
SD County Fair
The Zucchini Weenie
Krispy Kreme Sandwich --- a little spicy with a little sweet.
Fried frog legs
SD County Fair
The Colossal Curly Fries (next to the Belly Buster Burger)
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