Wildfire Exhibit on Danger of Flying Embers Opens in Mission Trails Park

This exhibit will help educate San Diegans to prevent wildfires from spreading to residential areas.

A new wildfire exhibit has opened at the Visitor Center of Mission Trails Regional Park to warn about the dangers of flying embers, according to city officials.

In the middle of a hot, dry summer, city officials are preparing for an already active wildfire season. The educational exhibit shows how strong winds and burning chaparral can create flying embers that are almost invisible and span great distances.

This educational exhibit opened last week, and is viewable daily between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at One Father Junipero Trail in San Diego, CA 92119. City officials said this will teach San Diegans how to prevent wildfires that can travel nearly six miles through flying embers.

“Thanks to the hard work of Park volunteers and staff as well as the gracious financial support from Councilmember Chris Cate’s office, the exhibit will provide important educational information about wildfires and the hidden threat of flying embers to San Diego residents for years to come,” said Councilmember Scott Sherman, in a statement.

It’s common for flying embers to enter a home undetected and spark a catastrophic fire that significantly damages property, said city officials. During the fire season in 2007, there were homes catching on fire when the primary source of flames was about an 80-minute drive away.

“Fire season is already proving to be extremely severe in central and northern California,” said Fire-Rescue Chief Brian Fennessy, in a statement. “This exhibit shows it’s not only homes near canyon rims that need to be prepared. All of San Diego must be prepared and do their part to prevent the spread of wildfires.”

City Councilman Scott Sherman also wrote an op-ed for the Times of San Diego on Wednesday about the importance of using exhibits such as this one to educate the public about wildfire safety.

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