New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Unveiled in San Diego County

There are new places where residents can charge an electric vehicle, the mayor and other local leaders announced Wednesday.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the new stations are part of the Climate Action Plan adopted in December to slash greenhouse gas emission by 2035.

Part of that effort includes unveiling new charging stations like the one in Ocean Beach and other areas. The move more than doubles the amount of places electric vehicle owners can charge up.

That's good news to electric car owners and environmentalists alike.

“We’re improving our public health and air quality. We’re increasing our use of clean energy,” Faulconer said. “We’re really helping to build a cleaner future for generations to come.”

The mayor and Councilmember Lori Zapf say this now brings the number of charging station from 38 to 68 with 15 locations city-wide.

You can now charge up in places like Hillcrest, Bonita Cove and Rancho Bernardo to name a few.

San Diego Gas and Electric is also proposing to install tens of thousands of EV Charging stations across the city.

Owning an electric vehicle is becoming very popular among San Diego County residents.

“People are realizing the benefits, the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gasses,” said SDG&E Representative Randy Schimka. “Don’t have to go to the gas station anymore, you can charge in your garage. There are a lot of benefits.”

The cost to charge ranges from $1.75 to $1.80 an hour. See the list of new locations here.

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