San Diego

New Downtown Construction Project Could Help Transform City’s Center

 A new downtown construction project could place San Diego into the same category as some of the world’s largest cities.

Bosa Development’s Pacific Gate project, at the corner of Broadway and the Pacific Highway, will transform the land into a “super prime” luxury high rise condo tower.

"San Diego is getting ready to step onto the superstar city stage, and there are projects in New York, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, cities like that that have properties like this, but nothing out here yet," said Rick Davis, a representative for Bosa Development.

When condo sales begin in early 2016, the least expensive unit will cost $1.4 million. The units have not gone on sale yet. 

The 41-floor building will tower 460 feet above the Bay and have 215 residences total. 

"This is a building unlike anything in San Diego, unlike anything even on the west coast. We dont' have any super prime buildings out here. This is the first of I'm sure many more to come,” said Davis.

The development comes amid booming construction on the downtown San Diego skyline. The area will soon include a Ritz Carlton hotel and a massive Pacific Gateway project along the waterfront.

Residents at the apartment complex will have access to shared boats and cars as well as a full-time concierge.

Downtown residents had mixed residents about the latest construction project on their skyline.

George Fotowat, who works in the area, said he thought the development would serve the local economy well. The land for the project would otherwise go wasted unused, he said.

"I think it's a great design, a great project for the city," said Fotowat. 

Howard Strauss, a worker in the area who has lived in San Diego since 1970, said he likes what's happening in San Diego. Developments like these, he said, help San Diego become a better city. 

"I've seen a tremendous amount of change down here, pluses and minuses, but overall, I think it's been a great improvement to the area," said downtown resident Armando Mora. 

Developments like these price people out of the neighborhood, he said, but it makes the area a more attractive place to live in now. 

"It's nice to have a mix of everything, but it does bring a certain type of customer for the restaurants, things like that," Mora said. 

The project is slated to be finished in winter 2017. 

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