New Documents Detail Shacknai Investigation

Investigation included cell phone records and search warrant notes

Recently obtained court documents reveal new facts in Rebecca Zahau’s suicide that attempt to prove Jonah Shaknai’s innocence.

Details from a search warrant obtained shortly after Adam Shacknai called 911 to report Zahau’s hanging show evidence such as cell phone records and items found in Jonah’s house and car.

The sheriff's department says Rebecca Zahau committed suicide by hanging, at the mansion. Her family refuses to accept the suicide ruling.

The documents show that Shacknai told investigators he was at his son's bedside, at Children's Hospital, when Zahau died.

They also reveal the results of a lie detector test given to Adam. The detectives wrote that Adam appeared to give truthful answers.

Among the items found in the mansion the day of the Zahau's suicide, police seized several knives, a pair of black gloves, a paper towel with red stains, a box with paint supplies, a flip camera, a clump of hair, a document addressed to Jonah and other articles.

Investigators found writing in black paint that read, "she saved him can you save her" on a door near the balcony. Police also seized the door on which the writing was painted.

Jonah Shacknai now wants the state Attorney General to review the sheriff's findings to give "confidence and comfort" to Zahau's family.

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