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Speed Limits, Other Rules for Dockless Bikes and Scooters Now In Effect

New speed limit rules and other safety regulations for dockless bikes and scooters San Diego went into effect Monday.

Geofencing technology will be used in designated areas throughout the city and will automatically reduce riders’ speeds, or prevent them from riding there all together.

Check out this map to see where you can and can't step on it in San Diego.

Pedestrian areas like the embarcadero and the food plaza in Little Italy now have a speed limit of 3 mph. Riders on beach boardwalks, in Balboa Park and Petco Park have 8 mph limits. Riders in any of those zones won't be able to park or end their rides there.

Riders will also begin to receive push alerts from the dockless bike and scooter companies notifying them when they’re in forbidden area.

The San Diego Police Department will not be on the streets enforcing the rule. Dockless rides will be policed through a complaint-based system which some fear will take a while to gain traction.

To make a complaint, you can contact the police department or the specific rideshare companies.

Click here to see a full breakdown of the new rules for scooters and bikes.

The city manager can suspend a company's right to operate for six months or more based on violations of any of the city's rules.

Operators are also required to pay a $65 deposit for every vehicle in its fleet to discourage them from leaving the market without their devices.

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