New Details in OIS at Elementary School

New information has been released about an officer involved shooting at an El Cajon elementary school.

Police say they were called to the Johnson Elementary School campus at about 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

“The reporting party told police dispatch they could hear people on the closed school campus drinking and causing a disturbance,” said Lt. Mark Coit.

Officers Ryan Briley, Jason Becker, and Adam Cunningham arrived on scene, police said.

“A second call was received by dispatch stating that there were two juveniles tagging in the area of the school,” said Lt. Coit.

One of the suspects made a comment about stabbing someone, police said. As the officers approached the juveniles, they ran in opposite directions.

“Officers Becker and Cunningham chased one of the suspects, while Officer Briley chased the second,” said Lt. Coit.

The suspect ran around the corner, according to police.

“The suspect, Victor Charles Hernandez II, jumped out from behind a planter at Officer Briley and extended his hand towards the officer as if he had a weapon,” said Lt. Coit.

Officer Briley fired, hitting Hernandez in the arm, according to police.

“The bullet traveled through his wrist and lodged in his chest cavity,” said Lt. Coit.

Hernandez was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital. An investigation revealed that he did not have a weapon, police said.

”But it is unclear why he jumped out at Officer Briley and simulated one,” said Lt. Coit.

Hernandez had a tested blood alcohol level of .374 an hour after the shooting, according to police.

“Evidence found at the school confirmed the suspects were drinking and inhaling aerosol from cans of electronic dusters, an act known as ‘huffing’," said Lt. Coit.

Hernandez, a local transient, has been arrested before for drunk in public, trespassing and vandalism. Police say four juveniles were with Hernandez at the school.

“In addition to drinking and "huffing" they were responsible for an excessive amount of tagging to the school property. The estimate of damage and cleanup is expected to exceed $10,000,” said Lt. Coit.

The suspects have since been connected to at least seven other graffiti cases in the City of El Cajon.

The officer was not injured.

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