New Coronavirus Concerns For Workers at Essential Businesses

Workers are taking extra precaution as they cross paths with hundreds of strangers

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Workers at businesses deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic are now finding themselves taking extra precaution as they cross paths with strangers on a daily basis.

“We are really on the front lines and we have all these strangers, we don’t know where they’ve been, we don’t know who they’ve come in contact, walking in the store,” said Robert Bradley, owner of Ramona Family Naturals Market.

Bradley said he’s taking extra steps to not only protect his employees, but to educate customers.

“We are sanitizing the floors at night, all touch surfaces are getting done twice an hour. The touch pads around the keyboards, all the door handles,” said Bradley.

Recent news of coronavirus cases has highlighted the threat at businesses deemed essential.

This week alone, a worker tested positive at a grocery store in Escondido. A TSA worker also tested positive. Meanwhile, the county health department identified a cluster of cases, including a death, at an east county pharmacy.

Bradley is making an effort to reach out to customers.

“You can help us with hygiene. We’re offering gloves at the door. When you come in put those on. Please leave your reusable bags at home. Take paper bags we’re offering at no charge,” said Bradley.

Bradley also said the outbreak and concern over safety is extending to his home life.

“I went home one day, my daughter went to give me a hug and I didn’t want her to touch me because I hadn’t showered yet. And that was a weird thing to have to tell your daughter,” said Bradley.

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