New Book Shows Vindictive Side of Palin: Author

Will readers think the book is intimate insight or the ultimate betrayal?

A Del Mar author who teamed up with one of Sarah Palin’s top aides to write a new tell-all book said the former Alaskan governor and vice-presidential hopeful has a vindictive personality.

"If she perceived a slight she would work to destroy a person, literally destroy a person," said Ken Morris.

Morris wrote the book "Blind Allegiance" with Frank Bailey, Palin's former campaign advisor from her time as governor of Alaska to the run for vice president.

"Part of his problem, she was not honest with anyone," Morris said.

The book paints an unflattering picture from Palin allegedly losing interest in being Alaska's governor long before she resigned to stories of staff members fixing media polls by coordinating computer voting.

"Her hatred of Newt Gingrich, documented in book,” he said. “She will never not hate that guy."

Political consultant John Dadian questions not only content, but context of the 60,000 personal Bailey-Palin emails used to write the book.

"It absolutely goes against the unwritten code of staffers that you don't tell what goes on in the office," Dadian said.

"To get the best advice from a top aide, you have to let your guard down because you need the advice unvarnished," he said.

Alaska's attorney general is investigating any potential improprieties involving the use of the emails.

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