New Book Critical of Hannah Anderson's Story

Hoffman identifies inconsistencies in Hannah Anderson's very public discussions of how the crimes occurred

The author of a new book examining the manhunt of James Lee DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson claims the Lakeside teenager is doing “a lousy job” of throwing investigators off her trail.

The book, titled "The River of No Return; On the Trail of Hannah Anderson and Jim Dimaggio", was penned by criminal profiler Chelsea Hoffman.

Hoffman spoke with NBC 7 about the book that’s scheduled for release Thursday and her suspicions of the teenager whose mother and brother were found killed in a Boulevard house fire.

Hoffman identifies what she says are inconsistencies in Hannah's very public discussions of how the crimes occurred, including statements made in a recent NBC Today Show interview with the teen and her father.

The book identifies a photo of a girl in zip ties posted on Hannah's Pinterest page several weeks before the kidnapping as if to suggest the teen was in on the crime spree.

Through a spokesperson, the Anderson family told NBC 7 they will not comment or give a statement about the book.

San Diego County sheriff’s investigators have maintained that Hannah was a victim.

The deaths of Christina and Ethan Anderson were ruled a homicide by sheriff’s deputies.

When contacted Thursday to comment on the allegations made in the book, a San Diego County sheriff's spokesperson said the case would not be re-opened.

The department spokesperson added that Sheriff Bill Gore's statement still stands true – "Hannah is a victim in every sense of the word."

Hoffman claims her independent study of the autopsies of Hannah's family members suggests that Christina was dead much earlier than noon on August 3.

"She's doing a lousy job of knocking everyone off her scent--and just digging a deeper hole for herself with regards to her credibility and overall likeability factor every time she blurts another outrageous detail,” Hoffman said.

On Wednesday, the Valley County coroner confirmed James Lee DiMaggio tested positive for THC and legal prescription drugs.

Timeline: Hannah Anderson Amber Alert

Tests did not show the levels of THC in DiMaggio's system and the coroner would not elaborate on which prescription drugs were found.

DiMaggio died following a six-day manhunt that covered the western region of the United States.

His campsite was spotted in the vast Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Agents found Hannah with DiMaggio at the campsite.

In an interview with NBC's "Today" show two weeks ago, Anderson said DiMaggio, a family friend, drugged her on the trip from California to Idaho. The teenager said thinking of DiMaggio makes her feel "sick, disgusted."

She and her father, Brett Anderson, said they are continuing to struggle with the deaths of Ethan and Christina and are seeking help from therapists.

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