New Bike Path Opens in Oceanside

The path provides a direct ride to the busy Oceanside Transit Center

A new portion of a bike path that will eventually span 44 miles from Oceanside to San Diego has been completed and is now open to bicyclists.

On Monday, SANDAG announced the completion of the $2.45 million project between Oceanside Boulevard and Wisconsin Avenue -- part of the Coastal Rail Trail.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held with local leaders, business owners and community members coming together to celebrate.

The 2,000-foot segment of the Coastal Rail Trail – located along the railroad and separate from vehicle traffic – is a collaborative effort between SANDAG, the City of Oceanside and the North County Transit District (NCTD). The new segment connects with another portion of the Coastal Rail Trail at Wisconsin Avenue and provides a direct ride to the busy Oceanside Transit Center.

With grant funding from SANDAG, the City of Oceanside plans to build a bike parking station next to the transit center so commuters can have a safe place to park their bikes before catching the train or bus.

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood and local leaders say the bike path will contribute to an enhanced quality of life in Oceanside.

SANDAG First Vice Chair Jim Janney says the path will also add to a bigger goal of making the San Diego region more bike-friendly than ever.

“By working hand in hand with local jurisdictions, we are going to make the San Diego region one of the most bike-friendly in the nation,” said Janney. “Over the next decade, we will dramatically expand regional bike networks to enable people of all ages and abilities to get around on their bikes safely and comfortably.”

According to SANDAG, the Oceanside portion of the Coastal Rail Trail is the first project completed under the Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program (EAP), an initiative adopted by the SANDAG board in September 2013 comprised of 42 projects totaling 77 miles of bike ways.

SANDAG says this bike project was funded by both federal and local sources, including $1.52 million from the federal Transportation Enhancements program.

To learn more about the new Oceanside bike path, watch the video below or click here.

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