black lives matter

New Artwork Makes Statement that All Black Lives Matter

The artwork is displayed on banners that dot the median along Broadway in Downtown San Diego

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The banners hang alongside tall poles down the middle of Broadway in Downtown San Diego.

They feature pictures of men and women and include the words “All Black Lives Matter.” The banners next to them read, “Every age, gender, preference, past, future matters.”

“This is people saying, ‘Hey, everybody matters,” said one man sitting in the shade.

“I think it’s very beautiful that the message is getting across San Diego,” said a woman visiting from Fresno.

“I think it’s a start,” offered another man on a stroll down Broadway. “I think that wakes people up at the same time that they’re reading the newspaper, I don’t care if you’re Republican or if you’re Democrat.”

It’s the work of local artist and military serviceman Anthony Tyson. He was chosen by the nonprofit Downtown San Diego Partnership to have his work featured.

“It’s tasteful.”

“I like them.”

“I love it.”

The praise was steady from people who took a moment to look up from their walks.

“I think it’s a beautiful message to get across the world.”

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