Order a Dog Walker to Go with New SoCal App

A new app is taking dog walking to a whole new level for the first time in San Diego.

Los Angeles-based company Zingy allows dog owners to find certified dog walkers by downloading their application

The app is free to download from both iTunes and Google Play and, from there, it takes approximately 20 seconds to book a dog walker. There have been 200 applicants so far in the San Diego area, so community members will have no problem finding someone to walk their pup.

The app says security is not an issue for those concerned. Zingy says it puts its dog walkers through a rigorous background check and a 16 module training course at Zingy Academy. Owners are able to see reviews on walkers beforehand and track their dog step-by-step through Zingy’s GPS.

Once the walk is complete, owners will receive a notification in the app as well as snapshot of their walked dog.

Zingy plans to expand outside of LA and San Diego and will bring its services to Orange County in the next two weeks.

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