San Diego

New App Lets Residents Rent Open Driveway to Parking Seekers

There may be no greater challenge than finding a parking spot near the beach on a holiday a weekend. A few college grads think they have the solution with their new Drivewayz app.

The app allows drivers to rent a parking spot in a private property owner’s driveway.

“Around here in PB, parking is pretty tough any time of the day you come down,” said Drivewayz CEO and cofounder Reese Barracks.

Barracks and his two friends started Drivewayz a year ago after seeing empty driveways but not enough parking spots on the street.  He said the app allows homeowners to rent their driveways for roughly $10 an hour to drivers headed in that direction.  Drivers can also reserve the spots ahead of time.

Barracks said it’s a win-win for both sides.  He called it “passive income” for homeowners.

“You’re going to be making money while you’re off at work on a Wednesday,” he said. “At the same time, that opens up parking spaces for everybody else.”

A San Diego Police Department spokesman told NBC 7 the app could also decrease traffic by reducing the number of drivers circling neighborhoods and parking lots.

The Drivewayz app doesn’t cover insurance for the driver or homeowner. Barracks said they’d like to eventually offer that coverage once they get more customers.

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