New App Helps Emergency Responders During Earthquakes

Think of it as a Facebook for first responders.

San Diego State University has launched new software to improve communication for when a major earthquake hits.

Called Ready Strong, the software allows first responders to communicate better during catastrophic events.

On Thursday, developers simulated how the app would work if, for instance, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit along the San Andreas Fault.

Because fire is one of the dangers in an earthquake, a key tool they have with the program is a simulated table of the area, which can mimic or predict what the fire can do.

They then can relay this information to emergency responders on the ground as well as private residents.

“The app allows a commander to have immediate access to his or her people in the field to share information to have an immediate visual acuity of what’s going on and how things are happening as they unfold,” said David Henderman of San Diego State University.

With this information, those at a command center can tell a firefighter or police officer where the fire is spreading, how fast and where evacuation centers should be.

The app will be available for download in the next month or two months.

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