New Administration, New Immigration Policy

Interested parties on both sides of the fence are awaiting what will happen to immigration policy.

When it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, the San Diego-based Border Angels and Border Patrol Auxiliary have almost nothing in common, but they can both agree on one thing.

"In 2007, Congress did almost nothing about [the issue]," said Carl Braun, the founder of the Border Patrol Auxiliary. 

Enrique Morones, who founded the Border Angels, agrees and hopes the new Congress will begin work on a plan immediately. 

"This needs to be a priority again," Morones said.

That, however, is where their similarities end. 

Morones just returned from a trip in which he met with the Obama transition team. He said  his priorities are putting a stop to immigration raids and putting a halt on the new border fence separating the U.S. and Mexico. He said that two people trying to enter the U.S. are dying every day as opposed to two people a month in previous years.

For his part, Braun said the reason to act now is to lower the crime rates and to reduce the economic impact of illegal immigration.

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