San Diego Hikers Trapped in Nepal Flown Off Mountain

Four hikers with ties to San Diego have been flown off a mountain on which they were trapped, and the group was on their way to Kathmandu Wednesday morning.

A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday night at UC San Diego sending prayers to victims of the Nepal quake and San Diegans still missing or stranded in the devastated region.

Prayers were answered for four hikers with ties to San Diego who are now on their way to Kathmandu and hopefully on their way home, too.

Caroline Heldman, the sister of one of the San Diegans, hiker Kat Heldman, spoke with NBC 7 and confirmed she had received a phone call from Heldman who said her hiking group of four was taken by military helicopter down the mountain they were trapped on.

The hikers had been trapped above an avalanche that had damaged the village below them after the deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. They were stuck with about 300 other people, running low on food and with temperatures slowly dropping.

Heldman was traveling with her husband and two friends. Caroline told NBC 7 Heldman is determined to get home and is searching for flights out of the disaster-stricken Nepal.

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