Ashley Matthews

Neighbors Voice Concerns Over Ponto Beachfront Development in Carlsbad

The Ponto Beachfront Development, planned on 11 acres of vacant, coastal Carlsbad land, was the main topic at a Monday development committee meeting.

Carlsbad neighbors voiced some concerns about the major development possibly landing in their community at the corner of Carlsbad Boulevard and Avenida Encinas.

The project has been in the works for decades, but nearby neighbors told NBC 7 too much development may be coming to the space.

“The developer has not been willing to work with us to reduce the density or heights. So the residents from the start have not changed their position. We’ve said that to the developers from day one. If they had just come in at a lower density and height, they’d probably be sailing right now,” said Jean Camp from the Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee.

The developer wants to build 136 three-story condos as well as retail and commercial space.

“Residents are concerned about the density of the development, traffic, parking issues. And these are issues that are all fully vetted with our reports and our technical studies. The city staff fully vets all of our plans,” explained Brian Rupp of Shopoff Realty Investments, the company in charge of the project.  

Carlsbad City Councilmember Cori Schumacher added, “this community has finally reached a point where it feels it’s not being heard. The organized effort and the fact that city council needs to listen to the  residents is extremely important to me.”

The developer’s application is currently being reviewed by City staff.

Once city staff has all of their questions answered, the application will then go to the planning commission and city council for review.

The developer’s application is in its third draft.

City staff told NBC 7 since there have been so many concerns from residents, it’s raised some added questions about the project.   

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