Neighbors Duel Over New Stop Signs

Traffic backed up on Aldine Drive because of two new stop signs

There’s a battle brewing over stop signs in a San Diego neighborhood.

Taldmadge residents had a rude awakening this week when two new stop signs backed up traffic during the morning commute, blocking driveways and causing delays.

The signs were placed on Aldine Drive at 47th Street, an area known to be popular shortcut for commuters.

One group of neighbors say the signs are needed for road safety, while others said the signs are backing up traffic.

It all started when a group of residents decided to document the number of accidents at the intersection of Aldine and Monroe. They said there were more than 30 accidents at that intersection in five years.

The street has seen a 300 percent increase in the amount of traffic, and many drivers often travel faster than the recommended speed limit.

Elvia Sandoval reported the incident to the city and said the speeding is “out of control.”

The city tried speed signs and using speed stripes so people would slow down. But city officials said ultimately the stop signs were the best option.

“It’s a safety issue,” said Talmadge resident Yvette Green. “People [are] upset because the commute is 5 minutes longer.”

But some residents disagree.

“A stop sign is not the answer,” said driver Ann Burnett-Troisi. “[It’s] made a nightmare for commuting.”

Both sides agree that traffic needs to divert back to El Cajon Boulevard instead of side streets.

“The real focus needs to be reduce traffic and speeds out of that area,” said drive Kelly Waggonner.

But for now, the stop signs will remain.

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