Neighborhood Battle Over Bar Hours


A North Park bar is under fire from residents who say its patrons are too drunk, too loud and too inconsiderate.

The owners of Bluefoot bar wanted to extend their hours under their neighborhood use permit, which would allow them to serve alcohol until 2 a.m. seven days a week instead of just Fridays and Saturdays.

But some residents went in front of the North Park Planning Committee on Wednesday, asking them to deny that request. The committee voted to keep the hours the same.

Residents say the bar is the source of unwanted noise, increase in trash, traffic and crime.

“This bar in particular has been very bad. They have had an opportunity to work with the neighborhood, not only an opportunity but a mandate to work with the neighborhood, and they haven't done it,” said resident Debbie Leichling.

Bar owners say it's unfair, that they're the only bar in North Park that has a midnight curfew and they believe neighbors are unfairly targeting their establishment.

“It has been a very difficult situation to try and reason with unreasonable people,” said Sarah McAlear.

The owners of the bar say they will appeal the decision, which means this issue will move onto the San Diego Planning Commission.

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