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Neglected Horse, Described as ‘Skin and Bones', Rescued and Recovering

This is the third time County Animal Services officials were called out to check on the 8-year-old mare.

 A neglected horse, described as just "skin and bones", is on the road to recovery after being rescued Monday, the San Diego County Animal Services Department said. 

Molonko, an underweight 7-year-old mare, was found with a sore on her withers, shoes on her back feet that need to be removed and only nails without proper shoes on her front hooves. 

"If you have an animal, you owe it to that animal to provide nutritious food and veterinary care and not simply say we're going to let it die," said County Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa in a statement. "This horse was in horrible shape."

At the facility, the owner was supposed to provide food and water for the animal. The owner said he was just going to let the horse die, others at the stable told officials. 

This most recent case marks the third time officials have been called out to help this particular animal. In 2013, animal services officials came out to help educate the owner on feeding after receiving reports the horse was underweight. The next year, animal services officials noted the animal had lost so much weight they seized it to provide lifesaving care. 

Veterinarians and animal care staff are treating and monitoring the horse now. 

The owner has ten days to request a hearing to fight the seizure of his animal. 

The case is under investigation. Officials say they may charge the owner with misdemeanor or felony animal neglect charges. 

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