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Nearly a Quarter of San Diego's Workforce Is Millennial

It could be good news for major local industries like biotech and cyber security

A new report shows the local tech industry of San Diego could benefit from a large millennial workforce. 

According to the research firm, Cushman and Wakefield, over 24 percent of San Diego's metropolitan population is millennial. 

"Here we have a healthy set of mentors and a healthy set of companies willing to work with young entrepreneurs," said Venkat Shastri, a professor at the University of San Diego School of Engineering. 

At the University of San Diego, students are encouraged to create their own startups. 

Austin Hirsh, a senior, didn't like doing yard work and is now designing a lawn mower that will mow the grass for you. 

"I think the San Diego community is just helpful in general to new entrepreneurs like me," said Hirsh. 

Other students agree that San Diego fosters a learning environment perfect for millennials entering the workforce. 

"There's a lot of opportunities around here," said Christian Yee-Yanagishita, an engineering student at USD. "A lot of my friends have gotten internships with engineering companies and stayed in San Diego." 

And despite a recent survey that shows that San Diego might not be the best for millennial living due to higher rent and home prices, Shastri adds he believes it is a great place for those in biotech, cyber security and engineering. 

"The next wave of life-changing drugs and changing technologies will be developed by millennials," he added. 

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