78 Rescued Dogs Should Be Available for Adoption By Christmas

A rescue puppy sounds like the perfect Christmas gift.

The 78 dogs rescued from an extreme hoarding situation in El Cajon are expected to be available for adoption the week of Christmas.

Officials with the San Diego Humane Society shared new details in the highly publicized case on the humane society’s Facebook page on Thursday.

The dogs, which include Chihuahuas, dachshunds and terrier mixes, were rescued last week from the home. The conditions were extremely unsanitary, officials said: the floors were completely covered in urine and inches of dog waste, and the dogs were seldom let outside.

Stephen MacKinnon, chief of the humane society’s law enforcement, said officials declined to charge or cite the owner of the dogs because he was extremely cooperative in forfeiting the dogs and sought help for a mental health condition.

The owner of the home, an employed man in his 60s, was going through a tough time dealing with a death in his family and, while he realized that things had gotten out of control, didn’t know what to do, McKinnon said.

Friends of the owner have offered him a place to stay in the meantime.

As for the dogs, officials said in the Facebook live video that they continue to undergo medical care, but are in otherwise good condition. The medical costs for the dozens of dogs have topped $100,000, so the humane society is seeking community donations. You can donate here by clicking on 'donate.'

The shelter has also received about 3,000 pounds of blankets for the dogs’ bedding, but officials say they still need more blankets and towels.

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