Nearly $500K in Jewelry Stolen from Westfield North County Mall

Two armed men stole 40 Rolex watches and other jewelry

Escondido police are looking for two armed men who stole almost $500,000 in jewelry from a North County store.

Three employees were inside the Royal Maui Jewelers at Westfield North County around 8 p.m. Tuesday when two men walked into the store.

The armed men demanded one employee get on the ground while another take items from a display and load them into several black bags.

In all, the store reports 40 Rolex watches and other jewelry totaling $480,000 were stolen.

The suspects ran on foot through the Target parking lot.

Officials said one employee was taken to the hospital for a panic attack. There were no other injuries.

The suspects were described as African American, in their late 20s or early 30s, each about 6-foot, wearing plaid shirts and dark pants. One suspect was described as “very muscular.” Witnesses also said one suspect had a musical note tattooed on his neck.

Escondido police were checking surveillance video and interviewing witnesses.

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