Cops Reveal Details on UCSD Rape Investigation

UCSD police investigators meet privately with students and residents at a graduate housing complex to discuss case and campus safety.

The private meeting with students and residents at the Mesa Graduate Housing Complex in University City was held  Wednesday .  Investigators answered questions about campus safety and the search for the rapist who terrorized a woman in her apartment on Friday. 

 "Knowing that it could happen in your own home, that's the scariest part," student Katie Chapin said.

Chapin lives in the complex where a woman was raped inside her home.  Police said the suspect, whose composite sketch is posted all over campus and at the housing complex, followed the victim into her apartment, tied her up and sexually assaulted her. 

"She's been working with us very closely, and I know it's hard to go over the details of what happened and put together a sketch," Detective Melissa Collins said of the victim. "She's done everything we've asked and more. I'm really proud of her." 

Collins said that since the attack, she and many other officers haven't taken a day off, instead spending countless hours following leads, including about 75 tips from the public. 

"With every tip that we follow up on, I feel like we are moving closer in the right direction, and we're working really hard to exhaust all those resources," Collins said. 

Security has also been beefed up on campus and at the university's housing complexes. 

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