NCTD Partners With Lyft, Uber to Cover Rides to and From COASTER Stations

The program gives riders a $7.50 credit toward trips to or from stations in Carlsbad and Sorrento Valley

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The North County Transit District began a pilot program Monday with Lyft, Uber and TripShot to provide discounted first- and last-mile connections for commuters using the Sorrento Valley and Carlsbad Poinsettia COASTER stations.

The program gives riders a $7.50 credit toward trips to or from the stations, according to the district.

The discounted Uber and Lyft rides are available Monday through Friday during regular COASTER service times -- 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Passengers with a mobility device can book similar discounted trips for curb-to-curb service via an NCTD vehicle using the TripShot application.

"NCTD+ provides greater flexibility for commuters to connect to locations near Sorrento Valley and Carlsbad Poinsettia Coaster Stations," NCTD Executive Director Matthew O. Tucker said in a statement. "Those starting early, or staying late, now have reliable transportation to or from two of our busiest Coaster stations."

According to the district, customers using the discount codes within the apps will pay the first $2.50 of a booked trip and receive a credit from NCTD at completion of the trip for up to the next $7.50. Any remaining trip cost above $10 will be charged to a commuter's default payment method in the app.

To qualify for the discount, "each NCTD+ trip scheduled must begin or end at either the Sorrento Valley or Carlsbad Poinsettia COASTER stations and must be within the defined NCTD+ zone," according to the district.

The Sorrento Valley station zone encompasses 16.1 square miles from Sorrento Valley Boulevard to Nobel Drive on the south, and Camino Santa Fe on the east end to the coast. The Carlsbad Poinsettia station geographical zone covers 10.8 square miles including portions of Cannon Road on the north side to Poinsettia Lane on the south, and S. Melrose to just west of Interstate 5.

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