NBC 7 SportsWrap Predicts The Chargers 1st Pick

San Diego Holds 3rd Overall Selection in Thursday’s NFL Draft

Members of our NBC7 sports department share their predictions for who they think the Chargers will draft with the 3rd overall pick. 

We also tackled the possibility of the Chargers trading down from the 3rd spot.

So who do you think the Chargers will choose in the 1st round?

Sports Anchor Jim Laslavic: Jalen Ramsey because he is the best athlete available. Having lost Eric Weddle, the Chargers can pair a good talent like Ramsey with Jason Verrett.

They've already invested money into the five starting positions on the O-Line and they just need everyone to be healthy. The Chargers can add offensive and defensive linemen in the 2nd and 3rd rounds because there are lots of depth in this year's draft at those positions.

Sports Anchor MJ Acosta: Laremy Tunsil. Because protecting Rivers needs to be the top priority.

If it winds up being a later pick, expect them to take Ohio State DE Joey Bosa. Why? Two words: Pass Rush.

Sports anchor/reporter Derek Togerson: DeForest Buckner. The bottom line is the Bolts are desperate for defensive line help. A line of Buckner, Corey Liuget and Brandon Mebane suddenly makes the San Diego front look formidable.

If they trade, it will be with Jacksonville who will take Tunsil. The Bolts would move back to 5 and after the Cowboys take Ezekiel Elliott, and selec Buckner there.

Sports anchor/reporter Todd Strain: Jalen Ramsey. He’s a solid pro and should play for 10 years. Other players projected in the Top 10 have more “All-Pro” or “All-Bust” potential.

If the Chargers trade back to the middle of the first round, look for them to go offensive line because many of the impact defensive players might be gone by then and they can go D-Line with 2nd and 3rd round picks. Keep an eye on Michigan State offensive lineman Jack Conklin.

Sports producer Ben Rosehart: DeForest Buckner. The 4.8 yards they allowed per carry last year remains the elephant in the room that needs to go away.

If they trade down they might still be able to grab Buckner or perhaps another defensive lineman. Alabama center Ryan Kelly is probably underrated but don’t think he’s that high on their draft board.

Sports producer Becki Schildhouse: If they keep it I think they go with Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil. He takes care of two big issues – protects Philip Rivers and makes holes for Melvin Gordon. They were the worst pass-blocking team last year.

If they trade the pick, I can see Baltimore making a deal to move up from 6 and the Chargers are going to go with Joey Bosa.

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