NBC 7 San Diego History Center Partner to Preserve Decades of Archives

Journalism and history cross paths in community partnership

Tapes from the NBC 7 archives.

NBC 7 took a huge step in preserving parts of San Diego history on Friday when the San Diego History Center took delivery of the station's video tape archive.

NBC 7 began doing news in 1976. At that time stories were actually shot on film. Technological advances saw the medium go from film, to various platforms of video tape, to the digital world of the 21st century.

The archive, to be held at the San Diego History Center’s Research Archives, consists of video recordings, video tapes, and assorted materials that document the daily journalism of San Diego from the period of 1976 to 2012. Contained in the archives are thousands of interviews and individual stories. The archived materials will be made accessible to the public once inventory and a catalogue have been completed. Due to the size of the archive this may take several years.

The San Diego History Center is honored to partner with NBC 7 to preserve and promote this archive. The NBC 7 News Archive joins the region’s premiere institution dedicated to preserving, revealing and promoting the history of the San Diego region. The San Diego History Center collections consist of more than 2.5 million images, 45 million documents, maps and ephemera, 1,700 pieces of fine art, 1,500 oral histories, and one of the finest historic clothing collections in the nation.

“Journalists are on the front lines of recording history as its being made,” Bill Lawrence, President & CEO of the San Diego History Center said. “The NBC 7 News Archive will be an invaluable source of information for future generations to understand how the past has shaped the San Diego we know today.”

“In our more than 50 years of broadcasting in San Diego, our news teams have captured our community’s most important and impactful events. We’re pleased to team up with the San Diego History Center to create the NBC 7 News Archive, a place where our community can learn from our past and see how events are impacting our present, and can affect our future,” added Todd Mokhtari, President/GM of NBC 7.

The San Diego History Center and NBC 7 plan to work together to raise funds to ensure the preservation of this important regional asset.

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