NBC 7 Responds to Problems from Ramona to Hillcrest

Take a look at the latest cases resolved by NBC 7 Responds.

Jennifer Currie from Ramona contacted us for help with a solar complaint. Jennifer said she had been a Vivint Solar customer since 2013 but in February, she noticed her solar and SDG&E bills weren’t adding up. 

Jennifer said after calling the company, a repairman was sent out and she was told her panels weren’t transmitting her power use correctly. She said the company launched an investigation and she was told she was owed a refund. 

Jennifer said the refund check never arrived, so she called NBC 7 Responds for help. We called Vivint Solar and within a few weeks, the company said they had resolved Jennifer’s situation. 

In an email, Ashlyn Hewlett, a spokesperson for Vivint Solar, said Jennifer’s problem was in the process of being addressed before we called and said, “Our commitment to consumers is to provide a best-in-class experience as they adopt clean, renewable energy. We regret Ms. Currie’s experience was not up to our usual standards of excellence. We are glad we could reach a resolution and that she is able to enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar.” 

In Rancho Bernardo, we met Joe Musser who said he had trouble with his former cable company, Time Warner. 

“I basically took over my mother-in-law’s Time Warner cable,” Joe said. “Changed the account into my name and they hit me up for about $70, additional fee.” 

Weeks later, when Joe called Time Warner, he said he asked about the fee and was told he shouldn’t have paid it and the company would issue him a refund. 

Joe said he kept calling Time Warner about the refund. 

“This time, I went all the way up to a supervisor and they said ‘you are entitled to your money back,’” Joe said. 

After months of calls and no check-in-hand, Joe turned to NBC 7 Responds for help. NBC 7 Responds reached out to the company and within a few weeks, Joe received the refund he had been waiting for.

In Hillcrest, Scott Folwer said his chairs and ottoman were peeling apart. Scott said he bought the furniture in 2008 from Scandinavian Designs, formally known as Plummers Furniture. 

At the time, Scott said the salesperson told him the furniture was genuine, bi-cast leather. This year, Scott said his chairs and ottoman began to peel away. Scott said he saw NBC 7 Responds' report about bi-cast or bonded leather and contacted Scandinavian Designs. 

According to Scott, the General Manager offered him a 50% credit, so he contacted NBC 7 Responds for help. NBC 7 Responds reached out to Scandinavian Designs and Scott said after paying a minor price difference, Scandinavian Designs delivered two brand-new, fabric upholstered chairs and an ottoman. 

Scandinavian Designs did not respond to requests for comment on this report.

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