NBC 7 Responds to New Fridge Spoiling Food

A Santee woman said the food in her new refrigerator was spoiling quicker than the refrigerator’s manufacturer could fix the problem, so she called NBC 7 Responds for help.

“I bought cheese on a Friday and by the following Wednesday, it was completely green,” Carmen Lopez said. 

Unfortunately, Carmen said the most important feature of her brand-new refrigerator wasn’t working right, the appliance wasn’t cooling her food. 

Carmen said cheese, fruit and vegetables were not lasting as long as they did in her old refrigerator and she noticed her milk kept going bad. 

“It happened again and I kept thinking, am I buying milk from the wrong store?” Carmen said. 

Carmen even resorted to buying a digital thermometer to prove her refrigerator never cooled below 40-degrees. 

“It didn’t seem to be cooling,” Carmen told NBC 7 Responds. 

Carmen said her new refrigerator came with a one-year warranty and she had only had it a few months. Carmen said she called GE and the company sent out technicians six times to try and replace the broken part. Each repair attempt didn’t work. 

In frustration, Carmen said she got on the phone and called NBC 7 Responds. 

“You guys stepped in and yesterday, a new refrigerator arrived,” Carmen said. 

NBC 7 Responds reached out to Home Depot, the store where Carmen originally bought the refrigerator. Home Depot contacted GE and the company decided to make the switch to a new unit - same make and model. 

“I was jumping up and down,” Carmen said, “I was taking pictures and calling my friends, look it’s cold!” 

NBC 7 Responds reached out to GE for a comment on this report but we have not heard back from the company. In addition to her new refrigerator, Home Depot and GE sent Carmen a $100 check each for her spoiled food costs, totaling $200.

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