NBC 7 Responds Helps With Some Heavy Lifting Over a Gym Membership Refund

An Escondido man needed a lift getting his money back for an unused gym membership

Don Carson said he signed up for a personal trainer in hopes of turning his abs from a “keg” to a “six-pack.”

The retired Escondido man had joined a 24-Hour Fitness in September of last year. A few days later he and his wife signed up with the gym’s personal trainer. While their memberships were paid for through a special program his health insurance offered called the Silver Sneakers Program, the couple had to pay $299 for the six-week training.

Carson told NBC 7 Responds that he had to postpone the start date for the personal trainer due to two upcoming vacations.

But when Carson returned from his vacation, his insurance company informed him and his wife they would be discontinuing the Silver Sneakers Program. The couple decided not to pay for the membership out of their pockets.

And, because they no longer had a gym membership, Carson decided to cancel his personal trainer and get his money back.

“I went to the desk and they said, ‘Oh, no problem. We will sell you a membership. And I said, ‘No, I don't want to buy a membership,’” said Carson.

Carson told them he wanted his money back.

“They told me it had been too long since I joined,” said Carson. “It's a principle, it's a principle that I paid money for a service I did not get.”

Carson said he called 24-Hour Fitness’s coroporate office.

“Nobody ever said no you're not gonna get your refund,” said Carson. “They just didn't call back.”

That’s when Carson called on NBC 7 Responds to do some heavy lifting.

Within a week the company called Carson and said they would be refunding his $299.

“Honestly, I firmly believe that if [NBC 7 Responds] had not been involved, the company would have just kept stalling.”

Added Carson, “You know the little guy, the consumer, we don't carry enough weight.” 

A spokesperson for 24-Hour Fitness did not provide a statement but confirmed the issue had been resolved.

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