San Diego

USS Dewey Leaks Oil Near Mouth of Tijuana River

USS Dewey experienced mechanical failure on Oct. 4 and leaked 700 gallons of oil into the water as a result.

A San Diego-based guided-missile destroyer leaked hundreds of gallons of oil into the waters near the San Diego harbor, military officials confirmed Thursday.

USS Dewey experienced mechanical failure around noon Wednesday and leaked 700 gallons of lubricating oil as a result. The vessel was approximately 4 miles off the coast of Imperial Beach.

Hard oil booms have been put in place at the location of the spill near the mouth of the Tijuana River.

The leak was stopped and the Navy is coordinating remedial actions with local U.S. Coast Guard officials, Helen Haase, Navy Region Southwest Environmental Public Affairs Officer said in a written release.

Haase said NOAA officials suggested an oil sheen may reach land Thursday afternoon but the oil doesn't appear to have moved since the incident first happened.

The location of the area is between Imperial Beach and Tijuana, Mexico.

No crewmembers were injured.

If the oil should reach the shore, surfers and swimmers would be notified, Haase said.

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