National City Proceeds With Lawsuit Against Bernie Sanders Campaign For Payment

A lawsuit taken out by debt collectors for National City continues against the Bernie Sanders campaign. 

The costs are from a rally at Kimball Park on May 21, shortly before California's presidential primary. 

“There was a number of requirements from secret service and the campaign that the city needed to provide,” said Mayor Ron Morrison Tuesday. “We could not go less than what the secret service was requiring. So we had to bring in police on overtime and Public Works on overtime. So the only thing that we are asking for is what those costs were." 

The mayor said after late fees are factored in, the Bernie Sanders campaign now owes over $31,000 to National City. 

Mayor Morrison said after delivering an invoice and several calls, correspondence was not returned. 

In October, National City Director of Neighborhood Services, Armando Vergara, told NBC 7 the Sanders campaign maintains that police overtime costs are the responsibility of the Secret Service.

“We reached out to the secret service and they said they can’t pay for campaign stuff,” said Mayor Morrison. 

The mayor added the city then sent letters from their attorneys. The city then turned the matter over to a collection agency, which has filed a lawsuit against the Bernie Sanders Campaign in Vermont. 

“They still have a campaign account,” said Mayor Morrison. “It is still very well funded. So we’re perplexed on why they’re not just paying it.” 

Mayor Morrison added normally the city would collect the fees up front, but the rally for Sanders was a last minute event that was put together in 72 hours. 

We’ve reached out to the Bernie Sanders campaign numerous times since this lawsuit began, including emailing and calling the campaign on Tuesday, but so far we have not heard back. 

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