National City Police Department Goes ‘Pink’ for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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National City Police Department
The National City Police Department (NCPD) has authorized its officers to wear a special pink uniform patch this October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
National City Police Department
The patch, which is optional for police officers, depicts the department’s insignia with a pink inlay instead of the patch’s historical gold inlay. The current gold patch of the NCPD was designed in 1987. It features the Great Seal of California surrounded by rays of sun with two orchids – the community’s official flower – on the sides of the seal. Atop, the eagle represents bravery, strength and integrity. Inside the Great Seal is Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, a grizzly bear, ships in the river and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The state’s motto, “Eureka,” sits over the mountains.
National City Police Department
The NCPD said the patch was an idea drive by employees of the police department. “This horrible disease has affected families in our organization and in our community. This patch signifies our modest attempt to support all individuals and families that have been affected by cancer,” the NCPD said Tuesday.
National City Police Department
The NCPD currently employs just under 100 police officers and 43 professional staff members, serving about 59,000 residents in a nine-square-mile area, according to the department’s website.
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