Naked Man Shot By Police Works at Hospital: Roommate

The naked man who was shot in the chest after police say he fought an officer works at a local hospital, his roommate told NBC 7.

Phil McMahon, 27, is the suspect in an attempted burglary that left him in the emergency room, according to a police source close to the case and his roommate Daniel Macks.

Macks said his roommate works as an assistant to surgical staff at the Scripps Memorial Hospital's operating room in La Jolla.

When NBC 7 reached out to Scripps spokeswoman Janice Collins responded to verify McMahon's employment there, Collins responded via email, saying "State law and Scripps Health policies dictate we cannot disclose personnel information."

Meanwhile, the police officer who shot McMahon has been identified as Christopher Gripp, a 5-year veteran officer with the San Diego Police Department. He has been placed on administrative leave as the case is investigated.

On Monday, police say a caller reported a break-in happening at a Mira Mesa home, and when an officer arrived, he confronted the naked suspect.

McMahon is accused of lunging at the officer, pushing him through a wooden side fence, according to officials. The officer tried to tase the suspect twice, but he continued fighting.

As the two scuffled, McMahon allegedly tried to remove the gun from the officer's holster. The gun fell to the ground, but the officer managed to grab it and shoot the man in the chest.

McMahon was taken to the hospital in critical condition. He was in fair condition on Wednesday, police said.

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