Woman Sexually Assaulted Near Frat: Cops

Student at frat said sex was consensual

Residents in a cul de sac in the College Area were awakened earlier this week by a crying nude woman in their back yard on Friday.

According to San Diego State campus police, a student said she fell down a hill after she was sexually assaulted outside the backyard fence of the SAE fraternity on College Avenue. The fraternity was reportedly having a rush party.

The hill runs into Tierra Baja Way, where the woman was discovered. One resident told us her mother heard screams.

"My mom heard her and stuck her head out the window and asked if she needed help, and she went up the hill,"  Angelina Ceravolo said. "The girl was not wearing any clothes, so my mom gave her a dress and some shoes and called police." 

A student at the SAE fraternity house, however, said that the two people involved had gotten together and that the sex  was consensual.

Campus police said the case was handed over to San Diego police since the alleged assault happened outside the fence of the fraternity.

School officials are using the incident as an opportunity to urge all students to make smart choices, not get drunk at parties and not walk alone.

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