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Valley Center Couple Chases Naked Intruder From Home

Burglary suspect Jerald Wayne Harris has a lengthy criminal record, according to investigators

A Valley Center couple living in a community called "Tranquility" was rattled Friday morning when they discovered a naked intruder taking a shower in their home.

At around 11:35 a.m. on Friday, burglary suspect Jerald Wayne Harris, 47, entered the home of Allen and Joyce Penwright on Valley Center Road, near Lake Wohlford Road, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO) said.

The Penwrights, both in their 70s, said they weren't inside their home when Harris slipped in. Allen was working in the garage and Joyce had stepped out to take their dog to the park.

When Joyce returned, she heard the water in the bathroom running.

When she went into the bathroom, she found Harris making himself at home and taking a shower.

"He was naked when he pulled the door back," Joyce recalled.

Joyce said she ran out to find Allen. But by the time they returned, the suspect was dressed and sprinting for the front door.

"I said, 'You're lucky I don't have a gun or I would blow you’re [expletive] off,'" said Allen.

The couple told NBC 7 they, at first, were willing to forgive and forget until Joyce discovered that her watch was missing.

She wasn't having it.

Joyce said she went outside and followed Harris northbound on Valley Center Road until deputies arrived and arrested him.

When deputies searched Harris, they found Joyce's watch inside his pocket.

Harris was already on parole for burglary and was formerly registered for sexual assault, the SDSO said. He is now facing new charges of indecent exposure, burglary and parole violations.

As for the Penwrights, they said they would continue to call Tranquility home. Only now, they plan to install surveillance cameras as a precaution.

Neither one of them was hurt in the incident.

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