San Diego

Mysterious ‘Boom' in San Diego Remains a Mystery, Officials Say

A number of people across San Diego County reported hearing a loud, mysterious boom Tuesday afternoon. 

By Wednesday morning, police and military officials said they did not know what caused the loud booms.

An NBC 7 viewer told us, around 3:18 p.m., she heard two loud booms that shook the windows in her home in Santee.

There were multiple posts on social media of people reporting their homes rattled from the boom. The posts were from residents across the county, including Clairemont, Santee, and San Diego.

Some wrote that they suspected the sounds were caused by a sonic boom, but NBC 7 has not confirmed that.

We reached out to the San Diego Police Department but was told they did not any information regarding the incidents.

NBC 7 reached out to Miramar Air Station. A spokesman said a military aircraft there did not cause the boom. Officials reviewed "all tapes with the FAA" and no aircraft at Miramar "reached supersonic speeds."

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