My Rideshare Driver Held My Luggage for Ransom, San Diego Woman Says

A San Diego rideshare customer claims her driver held her forgotten luggage for ransom. 

Bethann Barry mistakenly left her luggage in the back of the Lyft driver’s vehicle when she returned from a flight. 

She talked with us on Thursday, with her luggage returned. However, she said she spent five days communicating with the driver to get her personal items back. 

"He said, ‘Yes, I have your suitcase and how are you going to compensate me to bring it back?’" she told NBC 7. 

“I felt like my suitcase was being held for ransom." 

Barry said she contacted the driver. Then, she contacted Lyft. And eventually, she contacted the San Diego Police Department. 

Lyft paid to have the suitcase sent by priority to her home and waived a $15 lost-and-found fee. 

Lyft's has a policy which says passengers must pay a fee for the return of lost items. The fee is normally handled through the app and distributed directly to the driver for their time and effort.

Uber has a similar lost and found policy. Both companies say drivers are independent contractors - so they cannot guarantee a driver has your item or can immediately return it to you. 

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