San Diego MTS Investigates Arrest Procedure

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System is investigating an arrest made by some of its transit security officers.

A witness reported seeing two MTS officers tackle a man on a bicycle Thursday at the 12th and Imperial Transit Center.

The witness said the officers slammed the man against the sidewalk and used pepper spray on him before arresting him.

The person who reported seeing the incident was with his son and a nephew so he spoke up and asked the officer to stop hitting the man they were taking into custody.

At that point, the witness said the transit police officer began to harass him.

In a statement, the MTS Chief of Police said the agency is investigating whether proper procedure was followed and is also investigating the harassment claim made by the witness.

MTS security officers patrol to provide a safe environment for passengers and employees. Among the behaviors that are prohibited on the transit system: Smoking, eating, drinking, soliciting, littering, selling merchandise and putting feet or dirty objects on seats.

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