Move to Clean Air Has Gas Station Owners Fuming

Legislation passed on the state level aims to clear the air, literally. 

It's targeting older gasoline pumps, which researchers say release vapor into the air, contributing to smog.

The state government mandated that by April 1, 2009, all pumps at all gas stations in the land would be high-tech and cleaner.

As reported in the North County Times, gas station owners say the problem with this plan is the cost associated with making the upgrades. The cost? An estimated $10 thousand per pump!  And with the way the economy is right now, they say, they can't just walk into a bank and ask for a $300 thousand dollar loan.  So instead, they say, they'll have to close.

Less competition could mean higher prices for you and me.  Many unbranded gas stations buy surplus gas and sell it at a discount price. Now, that may not be possible.

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