Motorcyclists ‘Ride for Inspiration' to Fight Down Syndrome

The eighth annual fundraiser benefits families affected by Down syndrome

Nearly 50 motorcyclists rode through the streets of Morena to raise money for Down syndrome Saturday morning.

The San Diego Harley Davidson store hosted the eighth annual “A Ride for Inspiration,” benefiting families with Down syndrome, including educational programs and medical costs.

DS (Down Syndrome) Action, a group that holds monthly meetings in San Diego to identify unmet needs for people with Down syndrome hopes to give affected children an equal chance at life.

"People with Down syndrome are just like the rest of us. They should be able to be educated and to learn just like we do," president of DS Action Sharla Hank said. “Honestly in this day and age and what's going on out there, this is important. We need to look right within our own walls and make changes."

In 2008 DS Action partnered with Rady Children's Hospital to open the first Down syndrome center in Southern California. So far the clinic has helped more than 1,200 children.

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