San Diego

Motorcyclist Killed in Crash With Sheriff's Deputy

The deputy was not injured in the crash

A motorcyclist died after colliding with a San Diego sheriff’s deputy vehicle late Sunday morning on South Coast Highway in Encinitas. 

The motorcyclist was riding northbound on South Coast Highway near Encinitas Boulevard at a high speed, according to witnesses. 

The deputy was driving southbound and started to make a left turn when the collision happened. 

"By the time I got over there, the police officer was doing CPR, and I just remember the pushing and the pushing," Laurie Michael said. 

Michael is a vendor at the Seaside Bazaar and a normally vibrant day, filled with music and art turned into a fatal crash investigation. 

"We are here every weekend," she said. "We see things happening but never like this."

The Encinitas Fire Department responded, and the rider was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deputy was not injured.

It is unclear how the crash happened but Michael said the motorcyclist may have been doing stunts on the road.

"[He] was careening down [Highway] 101 doing a wheelie," she said.

Coast Highway, though busy, is normally safe, Michael said. She said seeing the motorcyclist die on front her will stay with her forever.

"Here is someone who was alive a moment before and then the next minute they are reviving him," she said.

The motorcyclist's identity has not been released.

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