Slain Child's Parents Launch Foundation to Help Others

Like most parents, the Carters light up with stories and smiles when talking about their son

Lisa and Glenn Carter of Lakeside, still in the midst of the fog and grief that comes with losing their only child, are moving forward to make sure their son's death was not in vain.

Ryan Carter, 12, was stabbed through the heart with a kitchen knife by a friend outside a friend’s home on Jan. 16.

The suspect was a good friend, who the family says was going after another boy when- Ryan stepped in to break up the fight, like his parents told him.

Like most parents, the Carters light up with stories and smiles when talking about their son.

“His room is exactly the same as it used to be except for all the items we received from all over the nation,” said Lisa Carter.

The Carters have received many cards, letters and even a prayer quilt from someone the family doesn't even know.

"I don't know how we could've gotten through this without all of the love and support," said the boy's mother.

The room is just as Ryan left it.

“So many things have changed in our lives, nothings the same, and when I come in here, everything is the same,” she said.

Ryan was a straight A student, with quiet confidence and a gentle, sweet soul, the boy who loved sports, and loved the Lord his parents said.

To honor their son's memory with something he loved, Lisa and Glenn started the Ryan Carter Foundation a fund to help kids who can't afford tuition at his former school Foothill Christian.

The foundation will give children an opportunity they may not otherwise have - an opportunity to learn that we are all our brothers' keepers, and that we need to be kind, loving and responsible to each other every day.

The Carters say Ryan was their purpose and now they're finding new purpose by sharing their story to help fund the dreams of other kids at a place Ryan loved.

“I know Ryan he would have a just a big ear to ear grin, he would be very very pleased,” she said.

“Although my husband and I are absolutely heartbroken and each day is a struggle that some good will come out of this and lives will be changed and that's important important to know my son did not die in vain,” she said.

Besides selling bracelets through Ryan's schools, the foundation is also collecting money through funds set up by friends at the mobile home park, as well as the workplace of Ryan's father.

If you'd like to support the Ryan Carter Foundation you can go to the website "" for more information.

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