Who Killed Jordan Hickey?

Victim was developmentally disabled


A San Diego mother wants the public's help to find her son's killer.

Jeannine Hickey said it just doesn't make any sense.  She doesn't understand why anyone would shoot and kill her son Jordan. The developmentally disabled man was shot last week while riding his bike in National City.

"To be gunned down for nothing, they didn't take anything from him, it wasn't a robbery, it was senseless," Hickey told NBCSanDiego.

On April 29, at about 12:30 a.m., Jordan was riding his bike down Grove Street after leaving his girlfriend's home.

When he got to the 2800 block, someone shot him.  Family members said Jordan never got in trouble and never hung out with the wrong crowd.

"Never smoked a cigarette, never drank beer, never done a drug in his life," said the victim's brother Justin.

"He was pure, he was a lamb," Hickey said. "Somebody slayed a lamb and it doesn't sit well with me and it doesn't sit well with this community."

She also said her son was developmentally disabled. 

"He functioned as about a 15-year-old, but not a 15-year-old street-wise kid, a 15-year-old nerdy guy," she said.

Friends and family are now putting up posters all over South Bay, advertising the $1000 reward offered by Crimestoppers.

"This person that killed my son has no conscience, and somebody without a conscience will kill again," Hickey said.

Family members are also hoping county leaders will install street lights on Grove Street.   "It's pitch black out there, it shouldn't be so dark," she said.

Anyone with information about the murder is asked to call Crimestoppers.

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