Scholarship Created in Memory of Slain Boy

A scholarship has been set up in honor of Ryan Carter


The mother of a boy who died in a deadly knife incident spoke after a court hearing of the 10-year-old suspect on Thursday.

It happened last month when neighborhood children were playing together at this mobile home park. A 10-year-old took out a kitchen knife, and Lisa says when Ryan stepped in to save another boy he was stabbed in the process.

Lisa Carter said she received cards, letters, a prayer quilt from someone the family doesn't even know. It is this outpouring of love and support and Christian faith that Lisa Carter says have lightened the load of her family's sorrow.

She goes to Ryan’s old room to see the gifts people sent after the incident.

“I love coming in here I come in here every night to say good night you know and it's the hardest of course in the morning when you wake up and you realize this isn't a bad dream, this is happening,” she said. “It was so heart wrenching just it, he was my heart and soul that's all there is to it, he was my heart and soul.

Her heart and soul, her only child, a straight A-student, with quiet confidence and a gentle and sweet soul, the boy who loved sports, and loved God.

The Carter family set up a scholarship in Ryan’s honor for underprivileged children to go to Ryan's school, Foothill Christian. The way Lisa says Ryan lived his short life on this earth ---   and in sacrificing to save another -- earned a special place in heaven.

“Oh I know Ryan he would have a just a big ear to ear grin, he would be very very pleased,” she said.
“Although my husband and I are absolutely heartbroken and each day is a struggle that some good will come out of this and lives will be changed and that's important important to know my son did not die in vain.”

Besides selling bracelets through Ryan's schools, the foundation is also collecting money through funds set up by friends at the mobile home park, as well as the workplace of Ryan's father.
A memorial Foundation is being launched now in her son's name that she says will give children an opportunity they may not otherwise have. His father Glenn said Ryan was always the peacemaker, and the foundation is one way to keep his memory alive.

The Ryan Carter Memorial Fund is set up at Chase Bank and Pacific Trust Bank through Orion Construction at account #: 2070005495. All proceeds will go to Foothills Christian school in Lakeside for scholarships for kids who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

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